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Disney Tinkerbell Pom Pom Slippers
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Disney Tinkerbell Pom Pom Slippers

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For ages 3+

Made for indoor use

Recommended size is between 6-7 inches (size 8.5-11.5)

Product Details:
Package Length: 10.2 inches
Package Width: 6.4 inches
Package Height: 2.9 inches
Package Weight: 0.3 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 3 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 3 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

1fails on all countsOct 18, 2011
By Lena's Mama
The idea of these slippers is great, the execution, however, fails on all counts. My 2 yr old wears size 7 shoes...length- wise this shoe was maybe a size bigger...I don't think it will fit anything over a size 8 (even though description says 8.5 and up and 3+ years). I don't know how they managed to do this, but this shoe is both too narrow and too wide. The bottom of the shoe (sole) is way too narrow for a normal foot of any kind and the top of the shoe is super wide and will fall off the foot. Also, there is absolutely no padding in the sole, the bulky seams are bare on the inside and I imagine would be super uncomfortable. There is a thin layer of cloth at the bottom of the shoe (definitely not for outdoor use- i did not subtract from the score for this but I thought it might be useful info, it's not a rubber sole like other slippers). Having said all that, I still had to make do with them, since there's not enough time to return them and get something else (using for halloween costume) so I rigged it to where it will work for a few hours. If you are in the same predicament and are crafty, here's what I did: I cut the bulky seams on the inside as close as I could without risking unraveling, lined the bottom of the slippers with 2 layers of soft felt (gluing it in place with some fabric glue). I outlined, cut, and glued a piece of pleather at the bottom of the sole, to give it a bit more security for an hour of trick or treating. To fix the wideness issue, I pinched the shoe from the top to fit my toddler's foot and glued the pinched parts together with fabric glue, folded the pinched part over and glued it again to the shoe so it doesn't stick up, I cut the pom pom and glued it back on over the folded "seam" to cover it. Basically a lot of work when I was trying to avoid it (or else I would have made them myself). Now they fit, are cute (in no way thanks to the manufacturer) and are comfortable, as my daughter was jumping around in them and dancing without complaints. Basically, don't order! and if you did and are stuck, I hope my "fix" suggestions helped (although if you don't have the stuff lying around the house like I did, it's definitely not cost effective). I just don't understand how they could have made this item so BADLY...did they not try it on an actual childs foot? It would be completely unwearable had I not done all I did to it.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

2Cute, but sizing is offMay 06, 2011
By C. McGowan
The description gave the size of these slippers as 8.5 to 11.5. Unfortunately, the size is much closer to an 8.5 and could never even hope to be an 11.5. My daughter generally wears a size 10.5 and she had to curl her toes under her feet just to get these slippers on. I compared the slippers with her sneakers and the slippers are a good 3/4 to 1 inch shorter than her sneakers. Also, they're only about 2 inches wide at the sole which is thinner than most shoes as well.

On the positive side, they are very cute and my daughter was very disappointed that they didn't fit because she absolutely loved them.

4Disney Tinkerbell Pom Pom SlippersApr 03, 2013
By Elizabeth
The slippers were very cute. They are perfect for litlle girls playing dress-up. My granddaughter who just turned 4 loves them.

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